Leadership Training

These are the audio recordings of all the speakers from the Leadership Training at the Dallas Fall Conference, along with any powerpoint presentations.

the best training out there when it comes to launching distributors. This a great training no matter which business opportunity you are with but it’s particularly great with Juice Plus.

Gordon Hester’s training at the 2011 Dallas Regional on the fastest way to business growth – advancing team growth to enhance business momentum.Download Presentation Here

Jeff Roberti and Gordon Hester advanced leadership training PDF handoutDownload PDF Here

Below are links to the slides for Gordon Hester’s trainings from both Munich and Long Beach. The presentations were focused on a simple formula that he identified from history that can be used to look for opportunities that will have both growth and stability. For a more detailed summary of this training checkout Gordon’s Blog Here
Munich Training (Deutsch)
Long Beach Training (English)

Mastering The Business Fundamentals

Audio trainings of Orlando Leadership Training on team building (October 2010)Part One:Jeff Roberti and Gordon HesterPart Two: Cheryl Cortese, Bob Burdick, Loren Slocum, Mickey & Kerry Daigle, Chris Drobes, Doug Barlow, and Gretchen Comstock

Download Part 1 | Download Part 2

Coaching Calls

This recording is a great one to share with people who are interested in hearing more about our NSA business model. Gordon Hester does a superb job of explaining why the uncertainty of our economy demands that we take control of our own financial future, and how important it is to be aligned with a company like NSA that is positioned to see exponential growth in the years ahead.


Jeff Roberti Talks about loving what you do!

WHY the Best is Yet to Come with NSA and Juice Plus+ & WHY after 23 years he’s MORE EXCITED THAN EVER!

Empowerment Call Featuring Bob Burdick NMD-100 Club++ Rebroadcast Link (MP3)

Larry Thompson Training Audio (MOV)

I had an opportunity to be a part of a conference call with the Cotton Club team. I felt that it would be worthwhile for all the distributors.

I had an opportunity to be a part of a conference call with Cheryl Cortese’s team. I had a great response from the call so I wanted to share it with everyone.


In the interview I share my personal beliefs and convictions as well as my business strategies that have served me well through the years.


The Best is Yet to Come
for Juice Plus & NSA
Gordon Hester and I recently did a webinar for the UK to help them kickoff 2011 for their leadership. The webinar was designed to show why the NSA business and Juice Plus are positioned for massive growth in the future… [read more]
View the Jeff Roberti & Gordon Hester Webinar