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Leadership that Motivates


There are many tips out there that are designed to help us become better motivators.  However, trying to decipher which of these tips are actually effective can be a bit overwhelming.  Through my years as a business leader I have narrowed this list down to five.  If you can strive for these five every day, you will be limitless in your ability to lead and motivate those around you.  Check them out and let me know what you think by commenting below the blog.     <CLICK HERE>

Wow.  I don’t know about you but my head is still spinning with excitement over our Juice Plus conference last weekend.  It seems to me that each conference just gets better and better, and this one was nothing short of incredible.  The speakers, the new leadership recognition, The Juice Plus Company announcements, the new research, the celebrations!  We are a part of such an incredible culture and company that is growing, developing and advancing in order to keep stride with the increased demand for our product and business.

There were so many nuggets that I wrote down from the speakers and the new NMD speeches that it would be difficult to recap them all here.  I do however want to spotlight a statistic that kicked off our conference when Dr. David Katz outlined for us that with the proper lifestyle and nutrition habits we could eliminate: 80% of heart disease, 90% of diabetes, and 60% of cancer.  Did you hear that?  We are health educators with a job to do!

The Juice Plus Company has provided all of the tools that we need to do that job successfully.  We can make a difference in the lives of so many who are desperately looking for ways to improve their health and their financial stability.

In my closing talk, I highlighted a family who can relate to both of those needs.  The Bryan family found themselves in a place where Juice Plus was their lifeline in more ways than one.  Many of you have requested this emotional yet inspirational video of triumph over tragedy.  It is my hope that you will use it to transform the lives of those around you.  Thank you to the Bryan family for allowing us to tell their story, and for their generous hearts that are honored to be a part of our mission.

Click Here To Watch The Oliver Bryan Story