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My Conference Takeaway

After attending 25 years of NSA conferences, the most impactful of them ALL is the conference that I did not attend.

Many of you know that due to my recent illness, it was recommended by my doctors that I not travel to conference last week. I have to say that this was a tough order for me to follow given that there is no place I would have rather been then with all of you in Dallas. It truly turned out to be one of the toughest conferences of my life and I battled a rollercoaster of depression, tears, and deep emotion.

Then as I started to ask myself some better quality questions, I was able to land on some better quality answers. I changed my mindset and started to focus on lessons that surround questions like: what could be great about this?, what could I learn?, how could I use this experience to grow?, what spiritual lessons could I learn?

The answers to these questions came to me in an overwhelming emotional wave of love, appreciation and gratitude. The relationships, connection, growth and contribution that are associated with being a part of the Juice Plus family became clearer to me than ever before and means more to me than words can say.

I missed you all, and look forward to seeing your happy, glowing Juice Plus faces in the Spring!

“If you want to get along, you have to go along,” was the advice legendary Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn gave to members of Congress. It was the mantra by which he governed the House of Representatives.

While Rayburn’s adage is focused on what it takes to succeed within a legislative body, it applies equally to functioning successfully with colleagues in any organization. The nut of Rayburn’s words mean you have to learn to give a little to get something in return: In other words, you have to compromise.

Today, I see too many people who see compromise as a bad thing, an abandonment of principle. In reality, a willingness to compromise is a sign of great conviction: the conviction that the organization comes first.

As easy as that sounds, it is remarkably hard to adopt…

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