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Blueberries inhibit formation of new fat cells by altering lipid metabolism

Multiple nutritional studies have demonstrated that blueberries exert a powerful cardioprotective effect due to the high concentration of polyphenols they contain. But can they also help with weight loss?

Researchers from the Texas Woman’s University (TWU) examined the role this amazing fruit plays in the initial development of fat cells that could have a significant impact on weight reduction efforts and obesity. They found that blueberries inhibit the creation of new fat cells by altering lipid metabolism. Therefore, a daily dose of fresh blueberries may hold the key to natural weight loss… [Read More]

As spring reveals its vibrant blooms, reflecting these bright colors on our plates is a powerful step towards improved health. The compound that pigments fruits and vegetables are called flavonoids.  Flavonoids have been found to have many health benefits… [Read More]