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The Original Social Business Model

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The USA Today weekend edition, fresh on the newsstand, features a 32-page insert by Direct Selling News titled, “The Original Social Business Model,” which tells the incredible story of direct selling.

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Jeff Roberti Blog - Personal Development Market I’ve posted some independent research done on “The U.S. Market For Self-Improvement Products & Services.” I thought this would be an interesting resource for anyone in the business.

Self-Improvement Market Grows 25% In Last Two Years: Personal Coaching, Infomercials Do Best.

Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., a leading independent market research publisher since 1979, has released the 6th edition of one of its best-selling studies, a 321-page report entitled: The U.S. Market For Self-Improvement Products & Services. This is the ONLY publicly available national market study about this $9.6 billion business. The study traces the market’s value from 1996-2010, examining in-depth these markets: Infomercials, Mail Order Catalogs, Holistic Institutes, Self Help Books & Audiobooks, Motivational Speakers, Seminars, Personal Coaching, Weight Loss and Stress Management Programs. Also examined are… customer demographics, 40+ profiles of the leading motivational “gurus”, and sample TV infomercials featuring SI products/services…

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