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We are excited to announce that Jeff’s seven country European Juice Plus tour kicks off this weekend! The European markets are exploding with momentum and Jeff is honored to be a part of these exciting events.  Find the event in your area and contact the host for more information.  DON’T MISS OUT!  These trainings will revolutionize your business … come acquire the tools necessary to take your business and team to a whole new level!   

Friday, May 27th – Sunday, May 29th:
Limerick, Ireland
Location:  Limerick University
Host:  Eddy O’Shaughnessy

Monday, May 30th:
Helsinki, Finland
Location: — Hotel Scandic Marski (luncheon 1PM, event 6PM)
Host: Torsten Dahl

Thursday, June 2nd
Gothenburg, Sweden
Location: Hotel Gothia Towers, Gothenburg from 2PM-5PM
Host: Therese Nordén

Saturday, June 4th – Sunday, June 5th
Berlin, Germany
Location: Saturday – Dorint Hotel Berlin, Budapesterstraße 2, 10787 Berlin / Sunday – Golden Tulip Hotel Berlin, Landgrafenstraße 4, 10787 Berlin, 11. Etage
Host: Elmar & Dagmar Neikes

Monday, June 6th:
Copenhagen, Denmark
Location:  Scandic Eremitage Hotel, Northern Copenhagen  6.30-9PM
Host: Mona Nybo

Tuesday, June 7th
Stockholm, Sweden
Location: Hotel Clarion Sign, Stockholm from 6.30-9PM
Host: Therese Nordén

Friday, June 10th – Saturday, June 11th:
Bologna, Italy
Location:  Savoia Hotel
Host: Rosita Brambillasca

Tuesday, June 14th:
Mallorca, Spain
Location:  Lindner Hotel Rolf and Wellness Resort
Portals Nous C/ Arquitecto Francisco Casas, 18
E-07181 Portals Nous/Mallorca 6-8:00PM
Host:  Wim & Birgit Plange

Those of you who are a part of the Direct Selling Industry know that we all deal with a common problem – negative perceptions about our industry.

I ran across an article in USA Today that I thought you would find interesting.  It was published this week (5/15/11) and titled “Direct Sales Offers Recession Proof Jobs”.  The article discusses the reasons why the industry does well in recessionary times.  It stresses a very important message – while our products and services are important, the opportunity “is really the #1 product we have to sell” (as quoted by Geralyn Breig, Avon’s North American President).  This is a very powerful statement coming from a company like Avon who has built their entire business model around ‘products first’.

I encourage each of you to take a few minutes of your time to read this article.  It contains valuable information.  This could also be a useful tool to help prospects better understand the value of this industry, and for current distributors to understand how fortunate they are to be part of such a proven and growing business model. 

click here for article

Be sure to comment below … I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this article.